Year for Priests

June 19 2009 - June 19 2010

Archdiocese of Birmingham



National Office for Vocation

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God is calling you. God has called you to life.

You are unique and unrepeatable. No one else sees the world in the way you do. No one else has your gifts and insights. You were caleed out of nothingness by the generous love of God who chose to give you life.

God has a purpose and a meaning for you because everything you are comes from God. You are made in God’s image. 

“Vocation is the divine invitation to self-realisation according to this image, and is unique - singular - unrepeatable precisely because this image is inexhaustible. Every creature expresses and is called to express a particular aspect of the thought of God. There he finds his name and his identity; he affirms and ensures his freedom and originality.” (In verbo tuo)

This is your call - your vocation

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In Verbo Tuo


CTS has recently produced a booklet on vocation

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Archdiocese of Birmingham

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